Oregon Taxidermy Workshop



Located near Roseburg, Oregon. Our taxidermy workshop is based upon the idea that the best way to acquire the skills needed to perform top-quality artistry in taxidermy is to do them yourself. We are not a school or learning institution and you will not gain college credits by attending. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a seasoned taxidermist, in just a few short weeks you will create beautiful works of art that are yours to keep, applying tricks of the trade that took others a lifetime of trial and error to acquire.

Our workshop is designed for those whose goal is to gain the knowledge and confidence to accomplish taxidermy in their own home or successfully operate their own taxidermy business.       This is what sets us apart from "taxidermy schools" and creates a fun, stress-free environment for beginners to acquire for themselves the art of taxidermy!






* Great program!!

We would recommend this to anyone.

Thank you for everything! :)

-Mark Bagley


It was a great experience coming to Caleb's workshop. He is a true artist and teacher.

The class had a nice relaxed atmosphere where I made some good friends. I'd highly recommend coming to this workshop over any other school if you want to leave educated and confident.

-Jake Spaletta

My experience has not only been outstanding but above and beyond my expectation. I've learned more than just taxidermy but the art of taxidermy from tanning to bringing the animals back to life in its own habitat which I learned how to create.

-Russ Ferguson

I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Caleb's workshop. Being able to attend a working studio provided an invaluable view into the everyday tasks needed to run a professional business. 

The small class sizes meant everyone got the one-on-one time they needed while still have a great workspace. 

Caleb's teaching style allows great flexibility with room for creativity and personal style. I would heartily recommend the school to anyone wanting to start their career in a fun, relaxed and highly professional way.

Jimmy Lane


The decision to become a taxidermist has been a long journey for me. There are a lot of schools out there and I spent 2 years checking them out and trying to find one that best offered what I was looking for.

I met Caleb May and his family at a sports show and saw a guy that had strong family values and a lot of knowledge and experience. His ability to communicate with students and explain why certain methods are necessary is crucial to understanding this great form of art. While attending this class a student will learn that you are only limited by your imagination and not the teachings of the instructor. This is what I feel separates this school form the rest. Caleb has years of experience and isn't afraid to share it with his students. He also has the ability to listen to the ideas of his students and encourage you to be creative. 

It has been a great experience attending this school and I feel it has a lot to offer anyone that wants to be a taxidermist either for a living or as a hobby.

Good luck! - Ron Hawkins (taxidermist)