Oregon Taxidermy Workshop

It was a great experience coming to Caleb's. He is a true artist and teacher. The class had a nice relaxed atmosphere where I made some good friends. I'd highly recommend coming to this school over any other school if you want to leave educated and confident.

-Jake Spaletta

*Great School!! We would recommend your school to anyone.

Thank you for everything!

:) Mark Bagley

My experience has not only been outstanding but above and beyond my expectation. I've learned more than just taxidermy but the art of taxidermy from tanning to bringing the animal back to life in its own habitat, which I learned how to create also.

-Russ Ferguson

I have always been curious about taxidermy but never made myself learn any proper methods. If there  is anyone who has the desire to learn and fell like taxidermy is something they will enjoy then Caleb's School is the place to go for that.

It's amazing how much knowledge and impressive techniques you learn in such a short period of time. I especially noticed how much passion Caleb has for the art of taxidermy and it rubs off into your own work. The school as a whole gives you a very at home feeling which makes it very comfortable and easy to learn. The experience was great and I know taxidermy will now be enjoyable for me.

Thanks Caleb!

-Richard Mark

I was very happy with my experience at the school. Caleb is a very knowledgeable taxidermist willing to help you out wherever you need help. Caleb also allows you to make mistakes, but then instructs you on how to fix those mistakes. He is very good at giving constructive criticism to help your mounts look better.

This was something that I dreamed of doing for the last 5 years, and I want to thank Caleb for being a good instructor and giving me more experiences with parts of taxidermy I really wanted to perfect. 

I would recommend Caleb's School of Taxidermy to anybody who is really interested in learning the art of taxidermy. You guys are awesome!

--Eric Johnson

Junction City, Oregon

Spring 2012 class

This was hands down the best decision and money I've ever spent! Caleb is the best teacher ever!

Maryanne Throop

I was really happy with my experience. Caleb is very helpful and knowledgeable. When there is a proble, the motto is "we can fix that!" I like the laid back style. You put enough pressure on yourself and Caleb doesn't make it worse, he helps you out. 

-Chuck Pearson

Caleb is a very attentive and patient teacher, also very hospitable and generous. I felt very comfortable here and happy with what I learned during the course.

Eloise Kirk



My name is Ryan Justice and I went through the class February 20, 2012 thru March 23, 2012. I learned so mcuh that I would have maybe never learned by teaching myself. 

Caleb is an amazing teacher and will help you learn everything you will need to know to start you and when he says showroom quality you will have showroom quality and you will be happy with your quality of work. Also remember you only get what you put into it. I must say if you want to learn taxidermy Caleb is the guy I suggest because he is really good at what he does. You will get what you pay for in this school.

-Ryan Justice

Thank you Caleb. I lived my dream. Because of you I can do this on my own and will enjoy it forever.

-Tanner Hinds

I attended Caleb's Animal Artistry fresh out of high school. When I got there I was immediately comforted like I was part of the family. During my time at the school I learned a lot about the business and art of taxidermy. Caleb went above and beyond any of my expectations and was always there for me to help me through the journey.

My father and I looked into many different schools and made the choice to go to Caleb's school and there is no doubt in my mind that I got the best value of school for my dollar. He taught me enough that I feel comfortable enough to open my own shop. I not only consider Caleb my teacher but a friend of a life time.

Ryan Malloy

The decision to become a taxidermist has been a long journey for me. There are a lot of taxidermy schools out there and I spent two years checking them out and trying to find one that best offered what I was looking for.

I met Caleb May and his family at a sports show and saw a guy that had strong family values and a lot of knowledge and experience. His ability to communicate with students and explain why certain methods are necessary is crucial to understanding this great form of art.

While attending this class a student will learn that you are only limited by your imagination and not the teachings of the instructor. This is what I feel separates this school from the rest. Caleb has years of experience and isn't afraid to share it with his students and encourages you to be creative.

It has been a great experience attending this school and I feel it has a lot to offer anyone that wants to be a taxidermist either for a living or as a hobby.

Good luck,

Ron Hawkins (taxidermist)

Really enjoyed the family feel of the class since I was away from my own for a while. Made things easier. I appreciate the honest criticism to make me better. Caleb did not let something slip by if it wasn't over par, which will only make us better. He also let us figure things out on our own which let us make common mistakes that also taught us how to fix.

It is obvious that Caleb doesn't just want to get classes in & out without caring about the quality  of work that his students are doing. He takes pride in what he is teaching. He and his family are unselfish and will make the experience the best they can for the students. I will be leaving with more knowledge and confidence than I ever expected.  

I want to thank Caleb and Gabriel for my experience here and will hope to remain in contact and uphold our friendship for years to come.

Thank you to the May family

- Jesse Gacia

It's a great class. Caleb is willing to give all his knowledge and help with any problem you can mess up. If he doesn't have the answer he will find a way to make it work. Thanks for all your help, and if all else fails pump in more silicone :)

- Sherman Dunlap

P.S.  Thanks again for everything you have been a great help and in 5 weeks got me doing better work than local competition that has been at it for years, some of their clients are showing up at my door now.

Great job! Really appreciate the help and patience.

- Steve Gappa

I loved the school!

Caleb will teach you anything that has to do with taxidermy. He is a super fine and detailed artist. All the projects in the class turned out better than what we expected. There was never a problem that Caleb couln't fix. I got alot more done that I expected. I liked the idea of working as much as you want after hours. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Caleb

- Joseph Atnip

Money well spent! What a

great opportunity!

I would recommend this

class to anyone wanting to

learn this trade!

I was expecting taxidermy

to bevery difficult... with

Caleb's teaching it was

easier than Iimagined.

His attention to detail is

second to none.

A great instructor!


-Justin Jones - Dixon, CA



This class ROCKED! It was even better than I expected! I learned so much in such a very  short amount of time. Caleb has a great attitude for teaching, with his patience, attitude and encouragement for questions.  He will and does stop everything he is working  on to help you. He makes it seem so easy. I would completely recommend this class from this WILD & CRAZY yet knowledgeable and multi-talented guy!

 Caleb, I can not thank you enough for everything! 

Keli Ude

First class of 2010


Caleb is an excellent teacher and a true master of his trade, I've learned more here than I ever thought I would. 

If you're interested in taxidermy this is the person to learn from.

-Micah Bell


 Caleb and his taxidermy school not only teaches you the basic details of taxidermy but shows all the fine details that can turn a mount truely life-like. He is always happy to give a helping hand and there is no problem that cannot be fixed with one of his tricks (bondo it!!). He will always go just that one step further to make sure everyone's mount turns out great and that's what made this experience brilliant.


Always giving 110% to his students which is crucial in this sort of trade. He not only taught us all we needed to know but made it fun at the same time. More like being around friends than going to school. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere teamed with the seemingly endless knowledge & experience  Caleb has made this experience unforgettable. He not only let us into his workshop but welcomed us into his family and his entire life.

Thanks again Caleb.

-Rachel Matthews

Caleb's school of taxidermy is top notch. He knows what he is doing and will drop whatever he is doing to help you so that you learn and so that your mounts are as good as they can be. One big thing I learned is don't give up on a mount, you never know what it is going to look like in the end. I would recommend this school to anyone that truly wants to learn taxidermy and how to do it the right way and not cut corners.

Just want to say thanks to Caleb for all the help. Hope that this five weeks turned into a lifelong friendship. Keep up the good work, you are a great teacher and am glad that I had the opportunity to meet you and your family. 

Thanks so much for all your help.

-Ryan Thompson



 I think your class is great. I was never afraid to ask for help and you


me how to work out of

tough situations. I am really

happy with the way the

school went, I put together

some nice looking mounts

and left knowing the art of


- Jacob Schultz


Learning this trade is something I always wished I could do.  After twenty five years of wishing I could, it finally happened, and I could not have chose a better person to learn from.

I would bet everyone out there has at least one mount on the wall they think looks pretty good.  After being taught the right way by Caleb, that mount you thought looked pretty good will look really bad next to your work.

Student in May/June 2009

-John Kiser

*Taxidermist for the rest of my life!


P.S. I love to hunt, but now I can’t wait to do my own mounts.


            Thank you for everything Caleb





Hi my name is Donna,


I enrolled in Caleb’s Taxidermy school and may I tell you it was the best thing I have done.

            Caleb is very knowledgeable in the art of taxidermy, a very one on one instructor; you can never ask too many questions.  He makes sure that you really get it before moving on from skinning to the final touches.  He shows you different ways to do the process, and what works better for your individual needs.  I got to observe him doing his animals and then he walked me through mine.  I think it is so important to actually see the process done, and then to be able to accomplish my own.  I did a full Bear mount, 2 Buck shoulder mounts, Badger rug, Canadian goose, Mallard duck, 2 European plaques, full Fox mount, and a Fish.  When I brought all those home I got so many compliments.  I now have several orders; 5 buck shoulder mounts, raccoon and a skunk so I better get busy! 

            Can I say again Caleb is a top notch instructor and now a great friend.  He went above and beyond the call of teacher.  I would encourage anyone out there who is thinking about going to a Taxidermy School this is the one!


Donna McClintick

Eagle Point, Oregon